Fanny Hill.

Cinemation Industries. Sweden. 1969. 22 x 28 inches. Half sheet. Original movie poster. Very fine. Minor edge wear to outer margin, no affect. Suitable for framing. Starring Diana Kjaer, Hans Ernback, Keve Hjelm, Oscar Ljung, and Tina Hedstrom. Directed by Mac Ahlberg. Swedish erotic sexploitation based on the classic tale of a young woman's erotic awakening. Rare half sheet.        Sex. Pornography. Women. Fanny Hill.              DP 5008   $50.00

The Daughter: I A Woman Part III.

Chevron Pictures. 1970. 22 x 28 inches. Half sheet. Original movie poster. Very fine. Suitable for framing. Starring Gunbritt Ohrstrom, Inger Sundh, and Klaus Pagh. Directed by Mac Ahlberg. Danish sexploitation flick. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll. The continuing story of Siv (previous movies), this is the story of her sexually curious daughter, Birthe. Hash smoking, Hell's Angels, and interracial sex. Rare poster.          Sex. Drugs. Hells Angels.     DP5010   $35.00

Doctor Sleep. [Signed].

Warner Brothers. 2019. 27 x 40 inches. One sheet. Original advance double-sided movie poster for the 2019 horror film Doctor Sleep. Rolled. Near mint with just a hint of wear to edges no affect a beautiful poster. Sequel to the Stephen King classic The Shining. Both films adapted from King books. Signed in silver felt ink by writer and director Mike Flanagan and stars Ewan McGregor and Kyliegh Curran. McGregor starred as Danny Torrance and Curran starred as Abra Stone. 27 x 40 inches. Dying to be framed. Comes with a COA from well known autograph specialists Piece of the Past. A COA from Dark Parks is also available upon request.      Horror. Horror movies. Horror films. Stephen King. The Shining. Doctor Slep. Mike Flanagan. Ewan McGregor. Kyliegh Curran.     DP5130  $200.00

The Fisher King.

Tri-Star. 1991. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Very fine+. Suitable for framing. A very rare copy, being rolled and not folded. Starring Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Mercedes Ruehl, and Amanda Plummer. Directed by Terry Gilliam. Ruehl won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Williams was nominated for Best Actor (they both won the Golden Globes for their roles). A Dark Parks favorite of heartbreak, romance and humor.

Drama. Romance. Fantasy. Myth. Comedy. Dark comedy. King Arthur. Holy Grail.       DP5024   $80.00


Universal: 1984. 27 x 41 inches. Folded. About very fine. Most suitable for framing. Directed by Mak L. Lester after Stephen Kings novel. Starring Drew Barrymore David Keith & Martin Sheen.    DP5092   $60.00

The Elephant Man.

Paramount. 1980. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Black and white, with famous tag line “I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!” Rolled. Near mint. Excellent condition. Suitable for framing. Starring Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Ann Bancroft, and John Gielgud. Directed by David Lynch. Was nominated for eight Oscars in 1980. A Dark Parks favorite.               Drama. Thriller. Horror. David Lynch.      DP5017   $200.00

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Dracula's Dog.

Crown International. 1978. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster one sheet. Very minor wear. Folded. About very fine and stored well. Classic horror image. Directed by Albert Band and starring Michael Pataki, Jan Shutan & John Levin. Screenplay by Frank Ray Perilli which was the basis for a mass market paperback by Ken Johnson. The UK title for the film is Zoltan... Hound of Dracula. The film bombed and is now considered a cult classic. The imagery for the movie poster is probably the best thing about the movie. But hey, vampire dogs!!    Horror. Horror movies. Horror films.      DP5117   $50.00

Fists of Fury/The Chinese Connection. Double Feature Combo With Bruce Lee.

Columbia. 1980 (Double bill issue). 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded. Very fine + with only slight fold wear. Suitable for framing. Starring Bruce Lee. Produced by Raymond Chow and Directed by Lo Wei.      

Bruce Lee. Action. Kung Fu. Martial Arts.          DP5029   $75.00

Dark Intruder.

Universal. 1965. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded. Very fine. With minor tear at center fold, no affect. Suitable for framing. Rare. Unsold TV pilot. Starring Lelslie Nielsen, Judi Meredith, and Mark Richman. Directed by Harvey Hart. A 59 minute horror film made for TV, this was the unsold pilot for a series called The Black Cloak. Nielsen plays a playboy sleuth that is an occult expert and helps the police solve murders. Ahead of its time, a precursor to such shows as Night Gallery (by same producer, Laird) and Kolchak, the Nightstalker. The writers reference H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Gods in several scenes. The show was considered to violent and scary for 1960’s TV and was sold by NBC to Universal, who had it shown at drive-in theatres in 1965.    Horror. Television. Thriller. Occult.       DP 5019   $50.00

Exorcist II: The Heretic.

Warner. 1977. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded. Fine. Suitable for framing. Starring Richard Burton, Linda Blair, Louise Fletcher, and Max van Sydow. Directed by John Boorman. The sequel to the 1973 masterpiece, centering on 16-year-old Regan MacNeil and her recovery of demonic possession.

Horror. Possession. Exorcist. Devil.         DP 5005   $40.00

Demon Seed.

MGM. 1977. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded. Very fine. Minor printing irregularity smudge at lower right outer margin, no affect. Suitable for framing. Starring Julie Christie, Fritz Weaver, Gerrit Graham, Berry Kroeger, Lisa Lu, and Larry J. Blake. Directed by Donald Cammell. Based on the book by Dean R. Koontz.

Horror. Thriller. Suspense. Dean R. Koontz.              DP5020   $50.00