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A poster that may have never been used or displayed. May show very slight signs of age. On folded poster, might show the most minimal signs of wear to the exterior due to storage. This poster should have no holes or tears.

Near Mint.

A very lightly used poster with fresh, saturated colors. On folded posters, may show the most minimal wear at the folds. The poster should have no holes, tears nor paper loss.

Very Fine.

A poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance. It may have general signs of use such as minor fold separation and fold wear. It may have pinholes or very minor tears. The poster may be restored and put on linen or paper.


A poster with good colors and, overall, still very presentable appearance. It may have minor tears, slight paper loss, pinholes and minor stains. It may have some fold separation. It may have restoration.

Many original movie posters will have writing on the back, usually title of film or the theater it was displayed at. Unless this writing is a fault to the actual artwork-front of the poster, it will not be mentioned in description. This is not uncommon.

Dark Parks will generally not carry any items less than "Fine" (Poor, Fair, Very Good).