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Ultimate Pennywise (2017 version). IT. 7" Action Figure. Fantastic representation of the smash hit, with multiple interchangeable heads, balloons, and more accessories. Comes in deluxe window box packaging. This is a beauty !!           $30.00

The Monster. Full Head Frankenstein Mask.

Awesome full head mask sculpted by Justin Mabry of Trick or Treat Studios. Painted in flesh tones with yellow eyes, stitching, and a head of hair.

Halloween. Frankenstein. Horror. Monsters. Universal monsters. Hammer horror. Horror. 

Chucky - Child's Play - Keychain by Pop-Funko.

Awesome key chain, 1 and 1/2 inches in display box.    $7.00



Texas Chainsaw Massacre Large Magnet. 4 x 4 inches. Thick, chunky style magnet, featuring unique design that will stand out anywhere, especially on your home refrigerator. Leatherface awaits your foodie face. Awesome.       DP35138   $7.00

Eddie From Iron Maiden. Mask. Piece of Mind.

Fantastic full head mask of the Iron Maiden mascot, Eddie. From the classic album Piece of Mind by the legendary heavy metal band. This piece is officially licensed by Iron Maiden. Sculpted by Erich Lubatti, Trick or Treat Studios and Global Merchandising. Suitable for wearing and or display.

Iron Maiden. Heavy Metal. Masks. Piece of Mind. Eddie the Head. Horror. Makeup. Special effects. Monsters. Halloween.        DP35113   $60.00  



​                                                MORE COLLECTIBLES

                                              (Oddities, props & toys)

                       Please check back often as these items usually sell fast and we restock often.


The Ultimate Chucky Action Figure by NECA. Child's Play. NECA. 2017. 7 inch, 4 inch. Fantastic ultimate collectors edition from NECA. Definitive version of Chucky some with a whopping four interchangeable head sculpts, and is packed with numerous accessories. The figure stands at 4 inches tall and has over 20 points of articulation. This is by far, our favorite Chucky action figure to date. Awesome. Comes in collector friendly delux window box packaging.    DP35133   $30.00                

Michael Simpson - Doh-Nut Killer. RZ Variant. [2017]. Awesome horror collectible infusing Michael Myers and Homer Simpson. Created by artist Butch von Dreaux. This is the Rob Zombie variant issue, with brown jumpsuit and blood, the original issue is in the blue jumpsuit. 6 inches. 

DP35108   $12.00

Friday the 13th Jason Mask Large Magnet. 4 x 3 inches. Thick, chunky style magnet, unique disegn that will stand out anywhere, especially on your home fridge.       $7.00

KISS tin tote case deluxe package. 2018. This awesome carry case and/or lunch box comes with a 16oz drinking thermos and four drink

coasters featuring all four original members of KISS. Retail value is 35.00 - we are blowing these bad boys out !!     $25.00

Alien. Xenomorph. Body Knocker by NECA.

2017. From the classic sci-fi & horror film Alien, this Xenomorph rocks from side to side when exposed to light (sun or lamp). Awesome collectible for a very affordable price. Stands 6 inches tall. No batteries needed.       Collectibles. Alien. Xenomorph. Toys.         DP35123   $15.00

Predator: Unmasked. Action figure. 3.75 inch action figure. As new. Steal of a deal.       $8.00

Friday The 13th Jason Vorhees Deluxe Stylized Figure. Mezco. 2018. 6 inches. Awesome new Jason figure with 10 points of articulation and

and awesome removable mask. Also includs an alternate arm and accessories. Bad ass. Comes in window-display box.



Freddy - Nightmare on Elm Street - Keychain by Pop-Funko

Awesome keychain, 1 and 1/2 inches in display box.    $7.00

Nightmare on Elm Street - Ultimate Freddy Action Figure by NECA. NECA. 7 inch. Definitive version of Freddy as he appeared in the 1984 classic first Nightmare on Elm Street. Stands at 7 inches tall, figure comes with 3 interchangeable heads, interchangeable left hand with 2 fingers cut off and includes dead skin mask, tongue phone and of course, his fedora. The ultimate version.    DP35144   $25.00


Please inquire via email for any items you might have recently seen at a convention or book show that might, or might not, appear here on the website. Dark Parks is constantly updating our collectible catalog and it can be hard to list all items from a day-to-day basis. If you do not see a "Add to Cart" button - the item is likely out of stock at the moment but will be back soon. Thank you !

Friday the 13th. Jason Vorhees. Funko Pop! 3.75 inches. Awesome Jason figure with mask and machete in hand. Made by today’s leading toy maker and brand, Funko Pop! Excellent Friday the 13th collectible and priced very affordable.        DP35142  $12.00

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 7" Action Figure Ultimate Leatherface. Definitive collector's version of Leatherface as he appeared in the original film in 1974. 7 inch figure with two interchangeable heads and many accessories including of course, bloody apron and chainsaw. This is awesome. Comes in deluxe window box packaging.​      DP35136   $30.00                 CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Living Dead Doll. The Nun. Conjuring 2. Living Dead Dolls. 2018. 10 inches tall. Awesome evil Valak the nun from The Conjuring 2. This creepy doll is amazing with 5 points of articulation, dressed in nun's habit, with cross and a face that will scare the hell out of you. Comes in window display box. This is fantastic - get yours before the upcoming movie based on here is soon released.    $45.00

Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Large Magnet. 4 x 3 inches. Thick, chunky style magnet, unique design that will stand out anywhere, especially on your fridge - "1, 2, Freddy's coming for you !!".    $7.00

Alien Xenomorph Head Knocker by NECA.

NECA. 2017. 7 inches. Beautiful hand painted, cast in resin, head knocker. This bad boy is huge and priced very affordable. Fantastic collectible piece. Comes in collectible packaging, with bobbling head. Alien fans must-have.     DP35132   $30.00

Texas Chainsaw Massacre tin tote case/lunch box. 2018. 8.5 x 6.75 x 4 inches. Awesome collectible carry case and/or lunch box style tin tote. Leatherface wants you to show him off - and he's hungry !!       $20.00

Iron Maiden Eddie - Head Knocker by NECA. 2017. 8 inches. Hand painted resin sculpture, head knocker by action figure toy masters, NECA.

Awesome collectible, killer presentation. From the iconic Trooper single-album cover.      DP35131   $30.00             CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


POP! Funko vinyl figure Norman Bates Psycho.

Awesome vinyl figure of Norman as Mother, from Psycho. As new, in box.       $10.00

Nightmare on Elm Street - Body Knocker by NECA.

2017. From the classic horror film Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger rocks from side to side when exposed to light (sun or lamp). Awesome collectible for a very affordable price. Stands 6 inches tall. No batteries needed.    Collectibles. Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy Krueger. Toys.

DP35121   $15.00


Candy Corn Tooth Bank. 5 x 9 inches. Awesome piece from underground legendary horror artist Butch von Dreaux. Plastic piece with bank opening on top. An excellent addition to any fan of horror collectibles, or teeth and dentistry, for that matter. This is a promotional item for von Dreaux upcoming film, Candy Corn.         Toys. Horror. Halloween. Art. Candy corn. Candy. Teeth. Tooth. Dental. Dentistry.       DP35107   $20.00

Freddy Krueger Head Knocker by NECA.

NECA, 2017. 7 inches. Beautiful sculpt of Freddy, hand painted for incredible detail, stands over 7 inches with large bobbing head. Part of the Freddy vs

Jason series, but stands alone as a Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy collectible. New in box.       DP35127   $30.00

Captain Spaulding. Mask. Sid Haig. House of 1,00 Corpses and Devils Rejects.

Awesome full head mask of Captain Spaulding character from House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects films by Rob Zombie. This is a fan favorite from Trick or Treat Studios sculpted by Justin Mabry. It is the most accurate mask on the market. Awesome. Suitable to wear and or display. 

Masks. Horror. Sid Haig. Rob Zombie. Devils Rejects. House of 1,000 Corpses. Gore. Clowns. Slasher. Monsters. Makeup. Special effects. Halloween.

DP35115   $60.00                

POP! Funko vinyl figure - Cassidy from Preacher.

Killer vinyl figure of the drunken, tattooed vampire, Cassidy from the hit TV show Preacher.      $10.00

Friday the 13th Jason - Full Size Scaler by NECA.

Large 3.5 inch scaler of Jason from Friday the 13th. Series 2 by NECA. The scaler is made to grip cords and cables, to hang from your back pack or

in your car, usb cables, etc. Awesome little collectible at a great price. A NECA best seller. New in box.     DP35128   $10.00

Friday the 13th - Body Knocker by NECA.

2017. From the classic horror movie Friday the 13th, Jason rocks from side to side when exposed to light (sun or lamp). Awesome collectible for a very affordable price. Stands 6 inches tall. No batteries needed.    Collectibles. Friday 13th. Jason Vorhees. Toys.     DP35122   



Arse Face. Mask. Preacher - Eugene.

Full head mask of Eugene, based on the actual screen used appliance for the AMC TV show, Preacher. Presented by Trick or Treat Studios and Sony Pictures, officially licensed mask. Awesome.    Masks. Preacher. TV. Comics. Comic books. Graphic novel. Monsters. Halloween.     DP35116   $50.00

Twisty The Clown. American Horror Story Economy Mask.

Full head mask created by Trick or Treat Studios and 20th Century Fox from American Horror Story Freak Show. This economy version includes sculpted hair and a non-removable mouthpiece (opposed to the more expensive mask by TTS with a removable mouth). Awesome collectible, as well as a Halloween mask, for a very affordable price.       Masks. American Horror Story. Twisty the Clown. Freak Show. Horror. Monsters. Clowns. Circus. Freaks. Television.

DP35124   $50.00                         CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK  

Jason. Friday the 13th Head Knocker by NECA. Beautiful sculpt, hand painted for incredible detail, stands over 7 inches tall with bobbing head.

Part of the Freddy vs Jason series, but stands alone as a Friday the 13th and Jason collectible. New in box.      DP35135   $30.00

Star Trek Enterprise: Monitor Mate, Mini Bobble. ​2.5 x 2.25 inches. Awesome replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise with non-damaging adhesive pad for adhering to your computer monitor, or anywhere you like. This piece is awesome and a steal of a deal. Regular retail price is fifteen dollars.            $10.00

Soulless Pumpkin Killer Bank.  [2017] 6 x 8.5 inches. Beautiful toy-bank with ghastly monster atop a jack-o-lantern. Plastic, with bank opening at top of head and turn disk on bottom. Awesome pop-culture mash up of Michael Myers from Halloween.     Toys. Horror. Pumpkins. Halloween. Art.       DP35106   $20.00



Gremlins. Dancing & Singing Plush Gizmo by NECA.

NECA. 2017. 8 inches tall, 11 inches ear to ear. Best seller. This is awesome. Beautiful plush Gizmo, lifelike fur with plastic ears, gands and feet. He sings (like in the film) and dances side to side. These won’t last long, get them while you can. Excellent packaging. Batteries included, with on and off switch.       DP35134   $25.00

Elvira. Rock Candy Vinyl Figure. Funko. 5 inches. Awesome little Elvira rocking her beauty as only the Rock Candy girls do. The Mistress of the Dark stands at 5 inches tall and comes packaged in a wonderful window display box. As new.        DP35141   $15.00

Ultimate Freddy. Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors. 7" Action Figure. Definitive collector's version of the classic third film. Comes with the house, chest piece, mini-freddy puppet, interchangeable gloves, and more.          $30.00