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Hawken, J.D.

Upa-Sastra: Comments, Linguistic and Doctrinal, On Sacred and Mythic Literature. Madras: Hawken & Sons, 1877. First edition. 288p. Publishers green cloth, blind rules to cover, gilt title to spine, old sticker at bottom of spine, spine caps bumped, minor shelf wear, inner hinge started, no affect, text clean and crisp, overall still excellent.      Mysticism. Spiritualism. Mythology. Linguistics. Religion. Theology. Philosophy. Occult. Symbolism. Ancient civilizations. Language. Sex. Science. Western Thought. Eastern Thought.     DP20367   $150.00

Hume, David.   John Miller, ed.

Davidis Humii De Familia Humia Weddeburnensi Liber. Edinburgh: Ediburgh Printing, 1839. First edition. Small folio. xvi, 87p. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards title in gilt to spine minor rubbing still excellent. Content crisp and clean with large margins. Minor foxing to title page and few pencil notes to blank no affect. Introduction in English main text in Latin. List of Abbotsford Club members in front. Transcription of the manuscript held at Weddernburn-house relating to the Hume family in the sixteenth century notabley the slaughter of De la Bastie and the execution of the Chamberlain, Lord Hume and his brother. Scarce insight into Scottish history. David Hume of Godscroft. David Humor [or Home] of Godscroft (1558-1629) was a Scottish historian and political theorist, poet and controversialist, a major intellectual figure in Jacobean Scotland. [see Wiki for more info].     David Hume of Godscroft. Scotland. Scottish history. Abbotsford Club. Wedderburn.

DP29450   $125.00

Glanvill, Joseph.

Essays On Several Important Subjects In Philosophy And Religion. London: J. D[arby], 1676. First edition. 4to. A2, B-2T4. (6), 66, (2), 56, (2), 43, (2), 28, (2), 61, (2), 58, (4)p. Modern antique calf, gilt rules, title in gilt on red label, gilt fleurons to spine.  Some light dampstains to outer margins. F2 small burn hole no loss, Y4 small burn hole with minor affect to couple letters. Ink splatter to: F2, G2-G3, K2, X3-X4 and Y4. Overall, still a very good copy of a rare and important book. Contains 7 essays: 1. Against Confidence in Philosophy, And Matters of Speculation. 2. Of Scepticism and Certainty. 3. Modern Improvements of Useful Knowledge. 4. The Usefulness of Real Philosophy to Religion. 5. The Agreement of Reason and Religion. 6. Against Modern Sadducism In The Matter of Witches and Apparitions. 7. Anti-fanatical Religion and Free Philosophy. In a Continuation of the New Atlantis. “The third of Glanvill’s essays reviews some of Robert Boyle's works and praises Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood, and the sixth recapitulates the arguments in favor of the existence of witches that Glanvill had set forth in his Philosophical endeavour towards the defence of the being of witches (1666). Glanvill attempted to establish a scientific and philosophical basis for a belief in the supernatural, and is generally considered to be the founder of psychical research" [- Norman: 908].    Wing G809, .ESTC r22979. NLM/Krivatsy 4748, Norman 908. Not in Coumont.         Philosophy. Religion. Witchcraft. Ghosts. Occult. Atlantis.         DP 20188    $1000.00

Hoyland, John.

A Historical Survey Of The Customs, Habits, & Present State Of The Gypsies; Designed To Develope The Origin of this Singular People, And To Promote The Amelioration of their Condition. York: For the Author, 1816. First edition. 8vo. vii, 9-265, [1], [2 ads]p. Modern quarter calf over marbled boards, gilt rules to spine, title label in gilt. Uncut copy with many edges of differing size, p165-168 (two leaves) with corner cut more than others, no affect.  Some foxing, as usual, else a fine copy. Hoyland, John 1750-1831, writer on the Gypsies, is variously designated as 'of Sheffield, Yorkshire', and as 'formerly of York.' It was, however, in the counties of Northampton, Bedford, and Hertford that he "frequently had opportunity of observing the very destitute and abject condition of the Gipsy race," whom he began to study in the summer of 1814. He belonged to the Quaker body, and although 'at some time disunited from the society was afterwards reinstated into membership.' His separation may have been due to his falling in "love with a black-eyed gipsy girl" ; but there is nothing to warrant Mr. Simson's conclusion "that the quaker married the gipsy girl." [-DNB]. This work is based on that of Grellman.   

NSTC 2H34227. Black, Gypsy,2086.       Occult. Gypsies. language. reform. Folklore. Prophecy. Quaker.        DP20212   $400.00

Hewson, Rev. William.

Illustrations Of Tracts On The Greek-Egyptian Sun-Dial, With Seven Steps, Etc.: Being The Second And Third Series Of Illustrations For Tracts On Christianity In Its Relation To Judaism And Heathenism, Etc. Etc. London: Simpkin & Co., 1870. First edition. 4to. LXII, 9, [19], [4], [56]p. First 52 pages are full illustrations, next 9 pages are text only, 19 illustrated pages follow, 4 pages of text only, 56 pages illustrated, amongst these are folding illustrations of dials & diagrams, and single engraved plates. Modern antique quarter calf over modern marbled boards, decorative gilt spine with gilt title to label. New endpapers. Original blue paper covers, bound-in. Minor soiling to outer margin of title, some very minor foxing to outside margins, overall an excellent copy, clean and crisp, with large margins. Fully illustrated with astrological diagrams and dials, as well as full page illustrated plates, many of them folding, some printed in color. Huge Interior of Great Pyramid folding plate with minor clean tear at very inner margin and last folding plate with minor clean tear to lower outer margin, no affect to either, else all others excellent. A fantastic collection of ancient Egyptian and Greek astrological signs and symbolism. Scarce book. At time of description we locate only one other copy for sale, and no auction record via Rare Book Hub.​ Published to accompany Hewsons ‘Christianity in its Relation to Judaism and Heathenism: in Three Tracts’ (1860), but stands alone as a wonderful work of astrological diagrams with history of ancient Egyptian and Greek sun-dialing. William Hewson (1806-1870), theological writer and curate in the Church of England, graduated with an M.A. at Cambridge in 1833. The Book of Revelation, prophecy and its fulfilment were of particular interest to Hewson and his studies. 

Lehner: Symbols, Signs & Signets: 219. Cirlot: Dictionary of Symbols. Catalog of the Astor Library II: 1735. OCLC locates only 14 copies.

Sundial. Astrology. Astronomy. Occult. Esoterica. Mysticism. Symbols.  Religion. Mythology. Freemasonry. Rosicrucian. Masons. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Greek. Symbolism. Dialling. Illustrated. Prophecy      DP20395   $1750.00

Hogarth, William.

Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth; And A Catalogue of his Works... London: J. Nichols, 1781. First edition. 8vo. 154 (of 157, lacks last leaf of postscript and advertisement). Text complete. Modern maroon cloth, paper title label at head of spine. Title page appears to be professional laid-down, no affect, old owners signature in ink at top. Minor foxing, few pencil notes. Small Bedfordshite Library ink stamp to inner margin of title page. Lacks last two leaves, postscript and ad. Includes rare p67-68, not always found in copies (see ESTC).      ESTC: T1742.      Biography. Bibliography. Books on books. Art. Engravers. Engravings. Artists.         DP20201   $200.00

Hewson, William Rev.   [E.H. Shackleton's copy].

The Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, Compared With Oriental History, Dialling, Science, And Mythology. Also, The History of the Cross, Gathered From Many Countries... [with:] The Sabbath: A Tracy For All Times. [with:] The Exodus of Israel Out of Egypt: Illustrated In Its Typical Features From The Structure of the Greek-Egyptian Dial With Steps... [with:] The Typical Structure of the Greek-Egyptian Sun-Dial with Seven Steps...[with:] Old Nursery Rhymes of Mithraic Origin, Illustrated From the Typical Structure of the Greek-Egyptian Dial With Steps/Nursery Rhymes Illustrating the Pedigree of Enochs Man In The Moon... [with:] The Sun of Righteousness: Or, The Suns Seven-Fold Power... London: Simpkin & Co., 1866-1870. First edition. Rare. Hardcover. 8vo. Modern quarter calf over cloth boards gilt lines black label with gilt title, new endpapers. Original E.H. Shackleton bookplate adhered to inside front board endpaper. A few pencil notes  at first part of book. A few flattened dog-ear corners, no affect. Some very minor foxing spots at top margins at start of book, overall a very nice copy of a very rare book. Clean and crisp with large margins. The ninth folding plate is uncut. Frontispiece and 14 folding charts and tables, and 10 single plates. Numerous text illustrations throughout. OCLC locates only 10 copies. We find no auction records via Rare Book Hub. Numerous works in one - six separate title pages with publisher and date 1866 through 1870. William Hewson (1806-1870), theological writer and curate in the Church of England, graduated with an M.A. at Cambridge in 1833. The Book of Revelation, prophecy and its fulfillment were of particular interest to Hewson and his studies and reflects in his works. Part of Hewsons ‘Christianity in its Relation to Judaism and Heathenism’ series, all books stand alone and are rare. Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922) was an Anglo-Irish Antarctic explorer who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic, he was best known for leading the ‘Endurance” expedition of 1914-196.  He was one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. In 1909 Shackleton was honored as Commander of the Royal Victorian Order by King Edwards VII, he was also made a knight, honored by the Royal Geographical Society, was awarded a Gold Medal, Shackleton was also appointed a Younger Brother of Trinity House, a significant honor for British mariners. In 1914, Shackleton made his thrid trip to the Antarctic with the ship ‘Endurance’, planning to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. Early in 1915, Endurance became trapped in the ice, and ten months later, sank. Shackletons crew abondoned the ship to live on floating ice. In April of 1916,they set off in three small boats, eventually reaching Elephant Island. Taking five crew members, Shackleton went to find help. In a small boat, the six men spent 16 days crossing 1,300 km of ocean to reach South Georgia and then trekked across the island to a whaling station. The remaining men fomr the Endurance were rescued in August 1916. Not one member of the expedition died. ‘South’, Shackletons account of the ‘Endurance’ expedition was published in 1919. Shackleton was a freemason and raised to the degree of Master Mason at Guild of Freemen Lodge. in 1913. In January of 1922, Shackleton died of a heart attack during his fourth expedition aimed to cicumnavigate the Antarctic continent.      DP20431   $650.00

Religion. Chronology. Occult. Mysticism. Hebrew. Judaica. Greek. Symbolism. Esoterica. Secrets. Egypt. Dialling. Sun dials. Nursery Rhymes. Astrology. Astronomy. Illustrated. E.H. Shackleton. Anicient civilization. Ancient religion.

Ittig, Thomas. Alberti Felde.

De Bibliothecis Et Catenis Patrum, Variisque veterum Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum collectionibus Basileensibus, Tigurinis, Parisienibus, Coloniensibus, Lugdunensibus ...[Bound with]: Alberti Feldeís Invictae Demonstrationes Dialogum in Tryphone... Lipsiae & Hamburg: Frederici Lankisii & Benjamin Shiller, 1707. First Edition. 8vo. [8], clxii, 802, [82]. Tryphone: [6], 40 pp. Contemporary vellum with yapp edge, old ink title to spine, old owner’s signatures to bottom of front pastedown. Jacobi Friderici (18th c. writer?). Very minor browning (as usual), otherwise a fine copy. "The works of Ittigius who is called "diligens antiquitatis ecclesiasticae cultor" by Cave, may afford helps to the study, as well as collection, of the earlier Fathers of the Church: a study not less gratifying than profitable; and instrumental alike to the illustration and confirmation of the truths of Christianity" [-Dibdin]. A comprehensive bibliography of the early church fathers organized by geographic location. OCLC locates only 2 copies of the Felde work.          Graesse III: 439. Besterman 6087-88. Dibdin I:73.        Religion. Bibliography. Books on books. Church. Christian literature.       

DP20164   $300.00

Hyacinthe, Themiseul de, Saint. [pseudo: Chrisostome Matanasius].

Le Chef D’Oeuvre D’un Inconu. Poeme, heureusement decouvert & mises au jour avec des Remarques savantes & recherchees... A La Haye: de la Cp, pagnie, 1714. First Edition. 8vo. [2], A-K, f-i, L-X, alternating 8 & 4 collation. [54], 195, 50, [8]. Contemporary calf, floral gilt spine with title label, some wear, chipping at head of spine. Some foxing, light dampstains to top outer margin. N2-N4 (3 leaves) with very minor worm track at far bottom corner, no affect. Trans: “Masterpiece of an Unknown”, fictitious satire of literary styles of the day. Hyacinthe (1684-1746), French satirical writer.       French literature. Satire. Comedy. Critics.         DP20170   $350.00

Homer. Hesiod. [Greek title].

Odyssea. [Bound with] Carmina.  [R.C. Jebb’s copy].  Oxonii [London] & Lipsiae: Johannes Henricus Parker & Caroli Tauchniti, 1855 & 1841. 12mo. viii, 392, iv, 80p. Modern brown cloth, with title in gilt on black label. Page corners slightly rounded from use, pencil annotations (Jebb’s) to outer margins, else a solid clean copy. R.C. Jebb (1841-1905) ownerís signature in contemporary ink, to title page. Jebb was a British classical scholar and politician, member of Cambridge Apostles and intellectual secret society. Jebbís multiple classical publications and intelligence on the subject, earned him the ackowledgment of often being considered the most brilliant scholar of his time.     Classics. Homer. Hesiod. Scholars. Greek. Cambridge Apostles.

DP20165   $350.00

Haym, Nicola Francesco.

Biblioteca Italiana, O Sia Notizia De Libri rari Nella Lingua Italiana, Divisa in quattro Parti principali; Cioe Istoria, Poesia, Prose, Arti, e Scienze, Annessivi tutto il Libro dell'eloquenza Italiana di µonsig. Giusto Fontanini col suo Ragionamento intorno alla stessa materia.  In questa seconda Edizione aggiuntovi altri Aurori Moderni per maggior commodità de'Letterati, e vi sono posti li prezzi ad ognuno delli medesimi. Con Tavole copiosissime, e necessarie. Venice and Milan: Michel' Antonio Panza, 1741. 4to. *-**4, A-2K4. T.p., [12], 266p. Full vellum, banded spine with title in manuscript.  Light browning, few light dampstains. Some leaves with notations (Italian) in old hand. Text in Italian. Italian bibliography of rare books. Bibliography. Italian. Books on books.          DP20154   $250.00

[Greek Epistles]. Jacques Cujas, ed. & trans.

[Greek Title:] Epistolae Graecanicae Mutuae, Antiquorum Rhetorum, Orattorum, Philosophorum, Medicorum, Theologorum, Regum, ac Imperatorum... [Geneva:] Caladorianae Societatis, 1606. Rare. Folio. π2,A-2O6,2P8. [4], 458p. 19th c. russia-backed marbled boards, spine gilt, corners vellum-tiped, front hinge cracked at top,foxing and some leaves with browning, minor edge wormholes in first few leaves (no text affected); the place of publication in on its Latin form has been excised from above the imprint and "Genevae" printed below. Jacques Cujas (Cujacius) of Toulouse (1522-1590) taught at Cahors, Valence, Paris, and Bourges, was the founder of the historical school of jurisprudence. "The professors in certain German universities were wont to raise their caps whenever, in the course of their lectures, they mentioned the name of Cujas..."[-Sandys]. There is some doubt about the translation into Latin being Cujas' however, Hoffmann cites several varying opinions including Francois Accolti (Aretin). The Greek text is based on the Aldine edition of 1499 with some changes.     

Hoffmann II,31. Schweiger, Greek, 356. Graesse II,488.         Classics. Greek. Latin. Epistles.       DP20171   $450.00

Hippocrates. Theodore Jansson, ed.

[Greek Title] Hippocratis Aphorismi, Variorum  Auctorum, maxime Hippocratis & Celsi, Locis Parallelis Illustrati. Subjiciuntur Celsi Sententiae Studio & cura Theodori Janssonii ab Almeloveen, M.D.  Editio nova diligenter correcta. Strassburg/Basle: Amandus König, 1756. 12mo. [1], *4, A-V6, X4. [10], 181, [37], 30. Full modern crimson calf, black leather label on spine with gilt lettering.  All edges red.  Light browning and foxing.  Rough top edge on frontis, not effecting engraving.  T.p. in red and black ink, with notch in top margin, but no effect on text. A nice copy. Engraved frontispiece portrait of Hippocrates, engraved tailpiece to preface. Hippocrates(c. 460- c.377) though spawned from a priestly family, shared the family's secret knowledge of the subject of medicine and became the famous Greek physician that he is known to be today. Wellcome II, p.272.  NLM/Blake 213.     Medicine. Greek. Classics.        DP20112   $175.00

Hartmann, Johann Ludwig.

Fränckische Blut-Geschicht Oder: Historischer und Theologischer Bericht von dem neulich in Blut verwandelten Wasser im Stadt-Graben zu Kitzingen Auf Begehren eiligst vorgestellet von Joh. Ludov. Hartmanno...[Manuscript copy]. [Nuremberg:] Germany: [Wolfgang Moritz Endter & Heirs of  Johann Andreas Endter,] [1676.] c1890. 8vo. 77, [3]p. Late 19th c. 1/2 vellum over German marbled paper, title in ms. on spine, underlines in red pencil; stamp of "Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Institut fur deutsche Volkskunde." From the Adolf Spamer Collection. Maunuscript copy of a printed work in black ink in a clear German hand on fine paper, a few red pencil underlines. Hartmann, Johann Ludwig , 1640-1684, Lutheran minister of Rothenberg. He studied theology in Strassburg and Wittenberg. He taught and became superintendent in Rothenberg. He wrote a number of theological works of which several dealth with occult subjects including a series of Teufelbuchs. Adolf Spamer, 1883-1953, important German folklorist. His works on mysitcism and folklore are essential readings for modern scholarship. He international reputation was of the first rank of scholars and his extensive library was given to the [former] Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, at the Institut fur deutsche Volkskunde. This manuscript was part of that gift and has been deaquisitioned by the Institute. In a clear late 19th c. German hand from an unidentified scholar (sadly someone has removed the owner/scribe's name from the front end-paper. This is a copy of the edition in Dresden, Sächsische Landesbibliothek / Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek.      Copy of VD17 12:000223S.        Occult. Theology. Religion. Blood. Water. Miracles. Witchcraft. Folklore. Manuscript.           DP20071   $250.00

Goldney, Edward.

A Friendly Epistle To The Jews, And A Rational Prayer recommended to them, In order for their Conversion to the Christian Religion. London: for the Author, 1760. First Edition. 8vo.  π1,A4,B-M8. viii,176p. Contemporary black morocco with decorative gilt borders, gouge in rear cover, gilt spine, title label (chipped), booklabel of John Mullett. inner hinge started, few minor notes, esle nice copy. Lacks portrait. Goldney debated his theories with Aaron Hart (1670-1756) the chief Rabbi of England. The date has been changed by hand to 1761 and there is a pen note dating the preface to October 1761.    Roth, Anglo-Judaica 286:65. ESTC: N18641.     Judaica. Religion. England. Anti-Semetica.     

DP20091   $250.00

Gilly, William Stephen.

Waldensian Researches During A Second Visit To The Vaudois Of Piedmont. With An Introductoru Inquiry Into The Antiquity And Purity Of The Waldensian Church, And Some Account Of The Compacts With The Ancient Princes Of Piemont, And The Treaties Between The English Government And The House Of Savoy, In Virtue Of Which This Sole Relic Of The Primative Church In Italy Has Continued  To Assert Its Religious Independence. London: C.J.G. & F. Rivington, 1831. First Edition. 8vo. viii, [2 errata], 560p. Modern calf-backed leatherette, title gilt (Waldensian mispelled Valdensian), verso of frontis. soiled, foxing (as usual), occ. browning from plates or tissue inserts, otherwise, a nice copy. Lithographic frontis., 2 maps (one folding), 11 lithographic plates, 2 facsimile plates. Smaller extra plate loosely inserted. Gilly,1789-1855, Church of England clergyman. “In 1823 Gilly paid the first of many visits to the Vaudois, a persecuted Christian community in north Italy, which had long attracted the support of continental Protestant churches. During the following year Gilly published a Narrative of an excursion to the mountains of Piedmont, and researches among the Vaudois, or Waldenses (1824), which awoke much sympathy for the Vaudois in England. The Narrative reached a third edition in 1826, and a subscription, headed by the king and Shute Barrington, bishop of Durham, was started for the relief of the Vaudois; it was devoted in part to the endowment of a theological college and library at Torre Pellice in Piedmont...Gilly also published a further work on the Vaudois, Waldensian Researches (1831)” [Oxford DNB] “The organization of the Waldenses was a reaction against the great splendour and outward display existing in the medieval Church; it was a practical protest against the worldly lives of some contemporary churchmen. Amid such ecclesiastical conditions the Waldenses made the profession of extreme poverty a prominent feature in their own lives, and emphasized by their practice the need for the much neglected task of preaching." [Catholic Encyclo].   NSTC 2G8432.       Vaudois. Occult. Piedmont. Waldenses. Religion.         DP20092   $350.00

Gavanti, Bartolommeo & Cuvernon, Robert. Gavanti:Praxis Compendiaria Visitationis Episcopalis.  Venice: Junta [Giunta], 1634. [with] Praxis Exactissima Dioecesanæ Synodi Cum Theoria Celebrandæ.  In Quatuor Distributa Partes.Venice:  Junta, 1634. [With] Enchiridion Seu Manuale Episcorum.  Pro Decretis in Visitatione, & Synodo, de quacumque re condendis.  Venice: Junta, 1634. [all bound after] Robert Cuvernon. Archipresbyter Et Decanus Ruralis. Paris:Julian Jacquin, 1646. 4to. 4 works in 1.  a4,e2,A-X4,Y2; π1,a4,A-C4,D2,a4,A-F4[F4 blank],a4,A-O4.  [12], 169, [1]; [10], 28; [8], 86, [2]; [8], 215pp. Full contemporary calf, rebacked with old spine laid-on, corners worn , old owner's names on t.p., some foxing, a good copy. Gavantius (1569-1638), liturgist and member of the Barnabite order, was general of his order and named perpetual consultor to the Congregation of Rites by Pope Urban VIII.  Early on he dedicated himself to the study of liturgy, and this was his chief work.  It traces the historical origin of the rites, discusses their mystical significance, and gives rules for their observance and obligation of the rubrics.  Cardinals Millino, Muto, and Cajetan approved it, and it was dedicated to Urban VIII.  Cuvernon was a doctor of the Sorbonne.    

Gavanti: BL 17th Italian 382. Camerini, Giunta, Venice 1316.      Theology. Religion. Law.        DP20088   $350.00

[Howard, Edward. Duke of Norfolk].

Howard, Duke of Norfolk. A Complete English Peerage. [Extract]. [London]: [N.P.], [18th c.]. Scarce. Folio. S-2H2, 2I1. 69-126p. Full black publisher's cloth, little wear to edges. Some minor foxing. Double column format. Two full-page plates (Howard crest and portrait), four folding tables. Apparently a portion of A Complete English Peerage , excised and bound separately.  A history of the Howard genealogy up to “present day” of Edward Howard, Ninth Duke of Norfolk.      English peerage. English history. Heraldry. Norfolk. England.                 DP20067    $75.00

Hoyland, John.

A Historical Survey On The Customs, Habits, & Present State Of The Gypsies; Designed To Develope The Origin of this Singular People, And To Promote The Amelioration of their Condition. York: William Alexander, 1816. First Edition. 8vo. A4, B-Q8, R9. viii, 9-265, [1]p. [Lacks ad leaf]. Text complete. 19th c. 1/2 calf, title gilt on label, edges rubbed, top of front hinge started, edges speckled red, old presentation inscription on f.f.e.p., minor foxing, very nice copy. "Hoyland, John 1750-1831, writer on the Gipsies, is variously designated as ‘of Sheffield, Yorkshire,’ and as ‘formerly of York.’ It was, however, in the counties of Northampton, Bedford, and Hertford that he ‘frequently had opportunity of observing the very destitute and abject condition of the Gipsy race,’ whom he began to study in the summer of 1814.He belonged to the quaker body, and although 'at some time disunited from the society was afterwards reinstated into membership.' His separation may have been due to his falling in "love with a black-eyed gipsy girl" ; but there is nothing to warrant Mr. Simson's conclusion "that the quaker married the gipsy girl." ... ‘A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, and Present State of the Gypsies’ (York, 8vo, 1816), has still some value, though it is mainly based on Raper's translation of Grellmann's ‘Zigeuner.’" [-DNB].             Occult. Gypsy. Anthropology. Sociology.          DP20055.   $275.00

Hammeleff, H[ans] Chr[istian].

Ideen physiognomischen, physikalischen und beyden verwandten Inhalts. Copenhagen: Sebastian Popp, 1809. First Edition. 8vo. x, 30p. 19th. c boards, title on paper label, rubbed, uncut. Hammeleff (1774/5-1832). Little known about the author.      Bibl. Danica 947. OCLC: 14839352 (1 copy only). Litteraturlexicon Denmark: 218. Not in Gerlach.      Occult. Physiognomy. Antropology. Medicine.           DP20052   $85.00

Grater, Friedrich David & Thomas Overskou.

Breve over den nordiske Mythologie og de nordiske Suddommes artistiske Fremstilling m.v. Copenhagen: Schultziske Officin, 1821. First Edition. 8vo. viii, 102p. 19th c. cloth-backed marbled boards, title on paper label, interleaved with manuscript notes (additions and corrections?). A very good copy. One of Herder's students, Friedrich Graeter (1768–1830), founded the journal Bragur to propagate virtues from the old Nordic-Germanic epics and sagas. Thomas Overskou (1798-1873) Danish author, critic, and historian of the drama.        Bibliotheca Danica 577.

Occult. Norse Mythology. Aryan Myth. Germany.            DP20060   $125.00

Iffland, A[ugust] W[ilhelm].

Wohin? Ein schauspiel in fünf Aufzügen. Leipzig: Georg Joachim Goschen, 1806. First Edition. Rare. 8vo. 187p. Contemporary marbled boards, some rubbing,minor foxing. August Wilhelm Iffland (1759-1814) was a German actor and dramatic author. His father intended him to be a clergyman, but Iffland preferred the stage, and at eighteen ran away to Gotha in order to prepare himself for a theatrical career...In 1796 he settled in Berlin, where he became director of the national theater of Prussia, and in 1811 he was made general director of all presentations before royalty. Iffland produced the classical works of Goethe and Schiller with conscientious care, but he had little understanding for the drama of the romantic writers...His best characters are simple and natural, fond of domestic life, but too much given the utterance of commonplace sentimentality." [-EB 11th ed.]   Goedecke V 269:54. Encyclopedia German Nationalist Literature (1838) 259.    Drama. Theater. German. Poetry.

DP20011   $125.00

Grey, Richard.

Memoria Technica: Or, A New Method of Artificial Memory, Applied to and exemplified in Chronology, Geography, History, Astronomy. Also Jewish, Grecian and Roman Coins, Weights, and Measures,.... London: Browne, Whiston, White, Rivington & Fletcher, 1761. Fourth Edition, corrected and improved. 8vo. [2], a-c4, A-Z4, 2Z4, 2B2. [4], xvi, [8], 159, [27]p. Contemporary calf, gilted edges, rebacked. Title in gilt on spine. Several pages with repairs to worming, outer margins. Ex-Libris stamp “Bernard Zufall”, recto of title page. Old owners’ sig. on ffep “M C Fremeuax.” Grey, Richard (1696–1771), Church of England clergyman and writer with imaginative theories on education. Grey’s artificial memory system is based on a table that equates letters with numbers. Once the learner has committed the table to memory, all he would have to do to remember, for instance, a date and name, would be to replace the end of the name with the series of letters that corresponds to the date. Memoria Technica remained in print for over 130 years. Wellcome III: 165 (1st-4th editions).   

Mneumonics. Memory. Science. Chronology. Geography. Jews. Greeks. Romans. Coins. Astronomy.        DP20017   $200.00

Hoadley, Benjamin.

An Enquiry Into Reasons Of The Conduct of Great Britain, With Relation to the Present Affairs In Europe. London: James Roberts, 1727. First Edition.

8vo. A-O4. 112p. Unbound, as issued, with original sewing intact, trimmed at angle on bottom with minor loss to first catch-mark, old owner's name "Walter Newbery His Book December 29th. 1726" on title page. Title page and last pages soiled with some red leather dust; inner edges of first signatures bent foward. Printer's ornament on t.p.,head-piece vignette, decorated initial. Hoadly, Benjamin (1676–1761), bishop of Winchester. "In 1727 he even turned to foreign affairs, publishing An Enquiry into the Causes of the Conduct of Great Britain, which provided a detailed defence of whig foreign policy and the 1725 alliance of Hanover, emphasizing the crucial role of Britain in the defence of protestantism and liberty." [-Oxford DNB].   ESTC t32769 & n64590. Sabin 32280. European Americana 727/110. Goldsmiths 6501. Kress 3700.  

Americana. America. England. Economics. Politics. Law. Government.         DP20002   $50.00

Goadby, Mrs. Robert; Robert Goadby; or Bampfylde Moore Carew.

The Life And Adventures Of Mr. Bampfylde-Moore Carew, Commonly Called The King of the Beggars.  Being an impartial Account of his Life, from his leaving Tiverton School, at the Age of Fifteen, and entering into a Society of Gypsies; Wherein the Motives of his Conduct will be related and explained: The great  Number of Characters and Shapes he has appeared in through Great Britain, Ireland, and several other places of Europe: With his Travels twice through great Part of America.  Giving A Particular Account Of The Origin, Government, Laws, and Customs of the Gypsies; with the Method of Electing their King.  And A Dictionary Of The Cant Language, used by the Mendicants. London: For J. Barker, [1785?]. Scarce. 8vo. Frontis, [4], 188p. 1/2 calf over marbled boards.  Gilt rule title panel on banded spine.  Last leaf with paper defect in bottom margin not affecting text. Some offsetting from portrait, ink blemish at bottom. Fine copy. "Carew was born in Devonshire, was tried at Exeter about 1739 or 1740, and banished to Maryland, where he went at the cost of the public. He gives an amusing account of the country, and his adventures in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, till he embarked at New England for England. His accounts how he bamboozled and bled Whitfield, Thos. Penn, Gov. Thomas, and many others of good repute, are amusing, true or not." [-Stevens]. ESTC N19151. Black's Gypsy Bibliography lists many editions of this famous biography of this gypsy charlatan, but not this one.  Occult. Gypsy. Magic. Fraud. Cheats. America. Canada. Newfoundland. Cant.   DP20015.  $375.00

Hervey, James, Rector of Weston-Favel.

Meditations and Contemplations.  In Two Volumes. Containing Meditations Among the Tombs; Reflections on a Flower-Garden; A Descant Upon Creation; Contemplations on the Night and Starry Heavens; A Winter-Piece.

London: for A. Law, W. Miller, and T. Martin, 1794. 8vo. 2 vols. in 1. A-P6, 2, A-O6. xxiv, 25-178, [2], viii, 9-168p. Contemporary calf, rebacked. Gilt lettering on spine. Some minor browning. 2 engraved frontispieces. Hervey (1714-1758). "Hervey's writings were for a long time exceedingly popular. His first work was entitled ‘Meditations and Contemplations.’ The first volume, containing ‘Meditations among the Tombs,’ ‘Reflections on a Flower Garden,’ and ‘A Descant upon Creation,’ was published in February 1745-6, and the second, containing ‘Contemplations on the Night,’ ‘Contemplations on the Starry Heavens,’ and a ‘Winter Piece,’ appeared in 1747. These volumes are filled with truisms expressed in the most inflated language, but were admired by educated persons, and even superseded to a great extent such a powerful work as Law's ‘Serious Call.’ The explanation may in part be found in Hervey's sympathy with the principles of the evangelical revival, and partly in a true appreciation of the beauties of nature, very rare in his time." [-DNB]. ESTC N67119 [Only 1 copy listed.] Lowndes 1056.
ESTC lists only one copy of this edition. Religion. Theology. Flowers.    DP20010. $150.00