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Padilla, Adam.

Frankenstein Monster and The Bride Original Artwork by Adam Padilla. Titled: My Love, My Light. One of a Kind Original Artwork on actual Frankenstein Book Pages. Pages: 5 x 8 inches, overall matted: 16 x 12 inches. Beautiful original ink sketches of The Monster and The Bride, on original (modern) Frankenstein book pages. Black ink, with red and white highlights. Double matted in black, white and red. A stunning one of a kind piece. Padilla has signed and dated each page in black ink at top corner. Adam Padilla is a world-famous artist and pop culture icon specializing in horror and science fiction characters.       DP10076   $150.00

Sullivan, Tom.

Tom Sullivan Original Ink Sketch. The Evil Dead. Lick The Blood Off My Shovel.Very rare. 8.25 x 11.75 inches. Matted, 12 x 16 inches. Original black ink sketch of a melting skull, inscribed by Sullivan “Lick The Blood Off My Shovel!”. Signed at lower right corner. On white hard stock artist paper. Black matboard frame. Tom Sullivan, artist and special effects. Sullivan created the make-up, special effects, and props for Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. Sullivan created the iconic Book of the Dead in the film. Tom also worked on Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness and the Fly Part 2.  Sullivan is a well known painter and illustrator in the fantasy and horror world. He illustrated the role playing game The Call of Cthulu for eighteen years. The inscription on this piece, “Lick The Blood Off My Shovel”, was an alternate title created by Sullivan for what ultimately ended up being The Evil Dead.

The Evil Dead. Horror. Art. Fantasy. Sam Raimi. Ash. Monsters. Book of the Dead. Necronomicon. Lovecraft. Cthulhu. Autograph.

DP10057   $100.00

Dunn, Linwood. [The Exorcist[.

Linwood Dunn Personal Copies of Letters and Memos Concerning His Work on The Exorcist. Optical Special Effects Archives of the Film Focusing on the Famous Vomiting Scene and the Georgetown Zooms. Extremely Rare. July - September, 1973. 8.5 x 11 inches. 10 pages. Personal copies kept by Linwood Dunn concerning his work on The Exorcist (1973). These papers were a part of Dunns estate and sold after his death. There are 9 letters/memos, including a two page letter. Five purchase orders with detailed notes and four typed letters, all marked “Editorial”, for archives. [1-4] Four pages of Film Lab reports. Content includes zooming times and night effects, for dusk shots. Another states “Cinex test vomit mattes,...Vomit Preopt”. [5] Fantastic content in this to Warner Brothers letter talking about Regan (Linda Blair) vomiting on Father Karras (Jason Miller) on optical zoom. In part “Also enclosed is a better uality set of dupe prints of Karras being hit by vomit. The prints I sent you first were too dark. These may be helpful in trying out cuts from Regan vomiting, using our rough super test. We are workgin on Mattes for these 2 vomit inserts”. [6] Letter to Warner Brothers about Georgetown over-ride zoom, also adds more on vomit scene, in part “The vomit inserts look pretty good - but we’ll have some problems matting it in as Linda (Blair) doesn’t hold her head still.”. [7] Letter to Warner Brothers on vomit scene, in part “I am enclosing a remake of the vomit composite...we have cut from the last good frame of Regab vomiting that could match action to the vomit coming into the priest scene. The color and density of Regan in bed is a close match to the work print...”. [8] Letter to Warner Brothers concerning theGeorgetown Zoom as well as “We photographed the vomit insert today and after a few problems it seemed to go well, with Marcel at the pump!”. [9-10] A two page letter to Warner Brothers reagarding the storage of negatives at Technicolor as well as billing to Warner Brothers concerning their lab work. At the end of the letter Linwood has added a PS “Please let me know if and when I may work on your main title. I would like to be involved with it, and will be happy to develop any ideas”. A truly fascinating insight into the detail and work that went into making a classic film. Interesting to see all the writing to Warner Brothers about vomit and how they struggled to get it looking just right! All pages are copies, all in excellent condition, the Sept. 12, 1973 letter (single page) has very minor shipping to outer margin, but no affect. to text or content.Linwood G. Dunn (1904-1998), pioneer of visual special effects in film and inventor in the field. Dunn worked on numerous films and TV series including the original King Kong (1933), Citizen Kane (1941), Airport (1970), The Exorcist (1973) and the Star Trek series (1966-69). Dunn photogaphed the rotating RKO radio tower trademark used at the beginning of all RKO films. Dunn was the winner of five Academy Awards and has a theatre named after him in Hollywood, The Linwood Dunn Theatre.

Special Effects. Optics. The Exorcist. Warner Brothers. Makeup. Effects. Inventors. Inventions. Film. Movies. Camera. Choreography. Cinematography. Photography. Academy Awards.        DP10046   $500.00

Haward, Jon.

Pinhead Hellraiser Original Ink Artwork Signed. 1997. Rare. 8.25 x 11.75 inches. Spectacular original ink drawing, black ink and white out highlights. Incredible detail going on in this piece, with multiple demons, and faces in the background, while Pinhead explodes from the Hellriaser box, unleashing chains and hooks of pain galore. Amazing piece of art. On hard stock art paper. Suitable for framing. Haward’s original artwork is scarce on the market. Haward is a British comic book artist who started as a fill-in artist on Dan Dare in 1990. His first big break was at 2000AD in 1993 on a Judge Dredd story written by Garth Ennis. Haward has done work on such comic book greats as Dan Dare, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Biker Mice From Mars, Tales of the Buddha, and Spiderman. He has done covers for Marvels Pocket Books: Uncanny X-Men, The Amazing Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Venom, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. His artwork has been reprinted many times throughout the world.

Horror. Hellraiser. Pinhead. Hell. Pain. Devil. Cenobites. Demons. Comics. Comic book.        DP10045   $200.00

Fastner, Steve and Rich Larson.
Night Slayers. A Portfolio. Seven Prints. S.Q. Productions. 1993.
Limited edition. 11 x 14 inches. Seven black and white prints. Near fine.  Depicts women hero-slayers. In the vein of Vallejo and Frazetta.     Prints. Art. Monsters. Fantasy art. Dragons. Women. Pinup. Sex.        DP10004   $30.00