Dark Parks Books & Collectibles

Naughton, David.

David Naughton Autograph. American Werewolf In London. Transformation Scene. 10 x 8 inches. Color glossy of Naughton in the famous

transformation scene. Photo is a bit blurred, but no real affect. Priced to go.    DP1266   $40.00

Mahoney, Jock.

Jock Mahoney Autograph. Tarzan. 8 x 10 inches. Glossy b&w, signed in purple ink. very minor wear at corners. Suitable for framing. Rare. Mahoney played Tarzan in 1962 for Tarzan Goes to India and in 1963 for Tarzans Three Challenges. He also played a villain in the 1960 Tarzan the Magnificent. Mahoney was a legendary stuntman, he also starred in the tv series Range Rider (1951-53) and Yancy Derringer (1958-59).         DP1174   $60.00

Montgomery, Janet. Shane West.

Salem TV Show. Autographs by Lead Actors Janet Montgomery, Shane West. 8 x 10 inches. Color glossy, jointly signed by the stars of the TV show, Salem. Beautiful piece. Signed by West in black ink, by Montgomery in blue ink. Suitable for framing.

TV. Salem. Witchcraft. Witch. Witch hunter. Occult.         DP1117   $60.00

Moore, Julianne.

Julianne Moore Autograph. Sexy. 8 x 10 inches. Beautiful and sexy. Moore in seductive dress and pose, signed in black ink at lower left. Stunning shot. Suitable for framing. Moore won the Academy Award for best actress in the 2014 for the lead in the dramatic film Still Alice. Other great films include Hannibal (2001) and Boogie Nights (1997).         Women. Models. Film. Movies. Sex. Erotica. Starlets.         DP1121   $100.00


Kathy Bates & James Caan Autograph Signature Cuts.

Double matted green with white and cream borders. Large signature cuts of James Caan and Kathy Bates lead actors in the Rob Reiner film based on Stephen Kings novel. Action shot of Bates trying to inject Caan with a needle to sedate him. Kathy Bates won numerous awards for her lead role as Annie Wilkes including the Academy Award for Best Actress. Misery is a 1990 American psychological thriller film directed by Rob Reiner based on Stephen King’s 1987 novel of the same name. Starring James Caan, Kathy Bates, Lauren Bacall, Rochard Farnsworth, and Frances Sternhagen. The tory is about an obsessive fan (Bates) whol holds an author (Caab) captive and forces him to write a story the way she wants him too. The film received rave reviews and was a box office success. Bates won the Oscar for Best Actress making Misery the only film based on a Stephen King novel to win an Academy Award.     DP1269   $150.00


Metallica Group Autograph. With Hetfield, Hammet, Newsted & Ulrich. Large format 8.25 x 11.75 inch color photograph glossy print. Signed by the classic And Justice For All lineup - James Hefield. Kirk Hammett. Jason Newsted. Lars Ulrich. Hetfiled signature in blue ink all other members in silver ink. Hetfield signature with very minor feathering but no affect. Most suitable for framing. Will ship in protective mylar. Comes with COA from Real Authentic and a Dark Parks COA is available on request.     Metallica. Heavy metal. Music.     DP1313  $250.00

McGowan, Rose.

Rose McGowan Autograph. Sexy Photo. 8 x 10 inches. Beautiful and sexy shot of McGowan, around the time of the television series Charmed. One of the better still photos available of McGowan, before her cosmetic surgery. Suitable for framing.

Charmed. Television. Models. Women. Sex. Pinup. Witches.       DP1057   $50.00