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Jensen Farley. 1981. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded.  Very fine. Suitable for framing. Rare.Starring Gaylen Ross (aka Alexis Dubin), Tony Fish, Harriet Bass, and Seth Jones. Directed by Joe Giannone. A cult classic slasher that blew up at drive-ins across the country by word of mouth, rather than any promotional media help at all.      Horror. Slasher. Serial Killer. Gore.            DP5032   $75.00


Universal. 1983. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded Very fine. With minor clean tear to lower outer margin corners, no affect. Suitable for framing. Starring Christina Raines, Emilio Estevez, Lance Henriksen, and Richard Masur. Directed by Joseph Sargent. Horror anthology featuring four short stories.          Horror. Dreams. Anthology.

DP 5002   $50.00

The Outsiders.

Warner Brothers. 1982. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded. Very fine. Despite folds, which are common, this poster has been preserved in excellent condition. Suitable for framing. Classic film of youth, rebellion, and the power of the written word. This filmed launched the careers of the modern day “Rat Pack” of Hollywood stars. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Starring C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, and Leif Garret. A Dark Parks favorite.         1950s. Gangs. Greasers. Tom Cruise. Matt Dillon. Rob Lowe. Coppola.

DP5043   $125.00

Operation Terror. [aka Dracula vs Frankenstein].

Yugoslavia. Morava Film. 1970. 19 x 27.5 inches.Original movie poster. Folded. Very fine + Suitable for framing. Rare Yugoslavian poster. Starring Michael Rennie, Karin Dor, Craig Hill, and Patty Shepard. Directed by Hugo Fregonese. Aliens plot to rule Earth by bringing  Frankenstein’s monster, the werewolf, the mummy, and a vampire count back to life.     Horror. Classics. Frankenstein. Dracula. Mummy. Wolfman.        DP5036   $50.00

The Mad Executioners. [aka Der Henker von London].

Paramount. 1965. 27 x 41 inches. One sheet. Original movie poster. Folded. Very fine, with minor tears to outer top right corner, no affect to artwork. Suitable for framing. Starring Wolfgang Preiss, Maria Perschy, Chris Howland, Harry Riebauer, Dieter Borsche, Rudolf Forster, and Hansjorg Felmy. Directed by Edwin Zbonek. Classic German thriller of hangmen vigilantes and a serial killer beheading locals for experiments.         Horror. Vigilante. Crime. Serial Killer.

DP5018   $50.00