Dark Parks Books & Collectibles

Tilly, Jennifer.

Jennifer Tilly Autograph. Gold Signature. Color glossy photograph of Jennifer Tilly with white borders. Signed by Tilly in bold gold ink. Excellent piece priced to go. 8 x 10. Most suitable for framing. Comes with COA from Autograph World. A COA from Dark Parks also available upon request. In mylar and backing board. Actress Jennifer Tilly, is an Academy Award nominee (Bullets over Broadway) and a professional poker player (two time World Series Ladies winner). Tilly is best known for her roles in Bound, Liar Liar, and the Child’s Play movies. Her unique voice has been used in many blockbuster films as well, such as Stuart Little and Monsters, Inc.     Jennifer Tilly. Movies. Film. Actors. Actress. Childs Play.   DP1497  $45.00

Scott, Gordon.

Gordon Scott Autograph. Tarzan. 8 x 10 inches. Glossy b&w signed in green felt tip. Minor wear at corners. Suitable for framing. 

Tarzan. Adventure.  Burroughs. Fantasy.      DP1176   $45.00

Thompson, Tessa.

Tessa Thompson Autograph. Valkyrie. [Thor]. Large color glossy photograph at 8.25 x 11.75 inches. Tessa Thomspon as Valkyrie from the Thor films by Marvel. Signed in blue ink. Comes with mylar and backing board. Priced to go. Tessa Thompson American actress best known for her role as Valkyrie in the Thor movies by Marvel. Also well known for her leading role in the film Mississippi Damned and her recurring role as Bianca Taylor in the Creed trilogy of films based on the Rocky films.     Valkyrie. Thor. Fantasy. Action films. Marvel Comics. Film. Movies.     DP1412   $50.00

Tilly, Theresa.

Theresa Tilly Autograph. Shelly. The Evil Dead. 10 x 8 inches color glossy photo. Signed in blue felt ink and inscribed with character name Shelly by Theresa Tilly. Shelly was friend to Ash and girlfriend of Scotty in the original Evil Dead film. Great shot with Shelly holding the Kandarian Dagger. Most suitable fro framing. Comes with mylar and backing board. Priced to go.     Evil Dead. Horror. Horror movies. Horror films. Deadite.    DP1452   $35.00

[Terrifier 2]. David Howard Thornton & Ameilie McLain.

Terrifier 2 Autograph. Art the Clown & Little Pale Girl.

Awesome color photograph from Terrifier 2 with David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown and Amelie McLain as the Little Pale Girl. Signed and inscribed with character names in silver felt ink by both characters. A Dark Parks favorite. A COA from Autograph World included. COA from Dark Parks available upon request. Most suitable for framing. 8 x 10 inches.       Terrifier. Terrifier 2. Terrifier movies. Horror. Art the Clown. Little Pale Girl. Horror movies. Horror films. Clowns. Evil clowns. Slasher. Gore. Villains. Monsters.     DP1472   $80.00

Stevens, Warren.

Warren Stevens Autograph. Forbidden Planet. Doc Ostrow. Black and white glossy photograph 8 x 10 inches. Signed by Warren Stevens in blue flet ink. Shot is of Stevens as Doc Ostrow in Forbidden Planet. Comes with mylar and backing board. Most suitable for framing. Warren Stevens (1919-2012) stage and screen actor best known for his role as Doc Ostrow int the science fiction film classic Forbidden Planet (1956). Also known for his roles in The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Star Trek. A founding member of the Actors Studio in NY. He appeared in over 150 prime time TV shows from the 1950s-1980s.    Forbidden Planet. Warren Stevens. Science fiction. Science fiction movies. Science fiction films.     DP1402   $45.00

Sanders, Lawrence.

Lawrence Sanders Autographed Souvenir Typescript. McNally’s Street. 8.5 x 11 inches. One page. Signed one page souvenir typescript. Signed in blue ink at bottom of page. Page is from first chapter of the book McNalley’s Street. In part it reads “I poured a few drops of an ‘87 Mondavi Chardonnay into her navel and leaned down to slurp it out. Jennifer’s eyes closed and she purred.” Suitable for framing. Sanders (1920-1998), American novelist and short story writer. Though sanders is long deceased, he is still one of the top selling crime fiction writers.

Crime. Literature. Writers. Mystery. Suspense. Thriller.       DP1071   $50.00